Phoenix Office Security

Security is a crucial part of any business, especially one that resides in a large building with lots of traffic, Innovative Integrations outfitted this suite with a state of the art access control and surveillance system, that allows the staff to know when someone is at the door and they can even release the door from multiple locations around the building. Wall mounted surveillance monitors allow the staff to view who is at the door from the same locations.

Access Control

A web managed access control system allow the administration to add, remove or make any other change to the system from anywhere in the world anytime, giving them complete peace of mind knowing that nobody is coming or going without them knowing about it.


The installation of surveillance integrated with the access control insures that employees can grant access to any visitor from multiple locations around the building using monitors. The cameras can also be monitored via the administrators from anywhere using any mobile device or computer.

Audio Video

Innovative Integrations installed a conference display with a remote port to plug in a computer or other video device to display during meetings.