Carefree Contemporary

Complete automation and control solutions are everywhere to be found in the gorgeous contemporary in Carefree, AZ


Fully integrated security system including proximity detection, IP High Definition surveillance system so the customer can get alerts to who is on the property from anywhere, anytime. Integrated door locks and garage doors insure nobody can come or go from the property without the owner knowing.

Audio Video Systems

Centralized equipment and multiroom speakers throughout the house allow all equipment to remain hidden and allow easy control anytime. An integrated doorbell allows the customers favorite guitar riff to play when the doorbell is pressed momentarily.

Climate Control

When walking through the hallways there are no thermostats or clutter on
the walls cause the thermostats are all hidden away in the equipment closet,
there are centrally located concealed temperature sensors.

Lighitng Controls

A Control 4 Panelized central lighting system was used in this home to remove the clutter of switches everywhere that would normally be required. The system allows a multitude of other controls including one button touch lighting scenes through the house, music, media and security control from the lighting keypads. Even one button touch to put the house in vacation mode closing all blinds, altering lighting behavior, adjusting the climate control, locking the doors and allowing full alerts when someone is on the property.

Pool Controls

The customers iAqualink pool control system was integrated to allow full control of all pool functions from all Control 4 devices including touchpanel, apps and even a single wall button that can prepare the pool for a party.