Pine Canyon Retreat

Nestled in the mountains in Flagstaff Arizona this stunning mountain retreat has all the amenities, not only to keep the owner and their guests entertained but to keeps the house safe and secure when it’s not occupied.


Home Theater

A state of the art home theater boasting 13 speakers with 2500 watts of sound, seating for 12 and a 140″ ultra high definition projection system provide an enveloping experience. Custom designed acoustic treatments, hand crafted wood paneling and custom lighting complete the ultimate cinema experience and the best part is it can all be turned on or off with one button.

Cenralized Lighitng System

A centralized lighting system creates elegant scenes through the living environment and it eliminates wall-clutter so there are only keypads where they are needed. Each keypad performs several functions like turning on the TV to a favorite channel, or one button touch when you leave that turns off all the TV’s, lights, close drapes and even arms the security to away.


The Security system was integrated into the Control 4 system to provide constant security with limited interaction, since all it takes is one button when you leave or go to sleep to arm the security and perform a number of other functions you know the security is always on. Custom programmed text alerts notify the owners when anyone enters the property, the text alerts even tell the customer exactly who is in the house or if the security is in an alarm and why it’s in an alarm.

Audio Video Systems

Along with the Theater most of the equipment for the house is located in the central equipment rack including amplification and video management so wherever you watch TV there’s only one remote and the sound plays through the high quality built-in speakers. The Great Room and Master Bedroom both feature a 5.1 channel surround sound with stereo in an additional 4 locations.

Climate Control

Climate control was integrated to provide the ultimate in convenience and control for the customer. One button touch when they are leaving the house adjusts the thermostats to appropriate set temperatures along with a number of other functions like turning the water main off and alerting the customer.

Any mobile device can set the house into occupied mode and it will make sure the temperature and lighting is perfect for your arrival.

We also integrated the customers wine cellar into the notification system with temperature sensors so  they always know if the temperature gets to high for their wine collection.