Platinum Living Real Estate Scottsdale

From the moment you first enter this beautiful lobby you are greeted by mounted video displays showing some of the best real estate in Scottsdale, technology not only keeps this entire office secure but creates a enhanced environment for agents and their clients.



Fully integrated security system including surveillance and a building wide access control system that can be managed from anywhere insures only authorized personal can access the building when needed.

Conference Rooms

The office has two state of the art conference rooms, each with dual large format displays, one that displays current featured listings and another that has a computer for easy searching with clients or conferencing. Simple one touch control and timers on the displays allows limited interaction by the staff.

Audio Video Systems

Speakers in the lobby and throughout the hallways provide ambient background music to drown out other conversations. All music is supplied by a Sonos that allows the system to automatically come on and go off every day automatically and anyone with access can control the selected music from any computer. Lobby and Conference wall mounted video monitors show current listings or any other custom content.

Network Systems

This office was outfitted with the latest network infrastructure and security appliances to provide a robust stable network for 40 offices and a hosted IP phone system. Multiple in-ceiling WiFi Access points were installed to proved complete coverage for wireless devices from anywhere around the building.