Intelligent Conference and Training Center

Innovative Integrators was brought in for this discerning client to design and install a  Digital Conference Room, the objective was to create a room that had wow factor functionally and aesthetically. The room features a 60″ Sharp touchscreen interface, 5.1 surround sound, integrated conference solution and a Control 4 automation system that controls everything in the room with one touch. Innovative Integrations also outfitted a training center with 80″ Sharp Touchpanel Display and a soundbar for presentation volume directed to the front of the room. All the equipment for the project needed to be located in a closet remotely so Control 4 was also integrated into the training center.

Audio Video Systems

Conference Room features a 5.1 Surround sound, 60″ Touchscreen Monitor, PC, streaming video and audio as well as the ability to video conference. Training room features an 80″ Touchscreen monitor displaying concealed PC and a soundbar to amplify the sound quality.

Lighitng Controls

A keypad greets you as you enter the conference, where in a single button press the system will illuminate the lights just perfectly for either a presentation or discussion, a separate tap on the keypad will turn on the video display, surround sound and adjust the lights accordingly.