Estancia Gem

This beautiful adobe custom home located in prestigious Estancia country club in North Scottsdale is outfitted with a complete automation system providing easy to use controls and ultimate convenience for the residence that only occupy the home part time.

exterior lighting including landscape lights insures the lights are on at exactly sunset every day and off whenever the customer likes or at bed time.

The Theater at is outfitted with a motorized Stewart film screen and Projector lift that drop out of the ceiling allowing the room to be used as a den when it’s not being used for entertainment. Concealed speakers in the ceiling provide an engulfing surround sound and Control 4 Wireless 10” touch panel insures ease of use for anyone.

A fujitsu Plasma TV in a motorized hutch in the master bedroom allowing it to be completely concealed when not in use and a Control 4 controller works all equipment in the home. Control 4 multi zone audio systems provide music throughout the home and custom Spanish guitar song as the doorbell following the southwestern theme.

A three button keypad by the main entry exit door controls when the house is occupied, occupied with guests in the two separate casitas or in Away mode changing the climate throughout, lighting scenes and security functions for notification upon entry into the home from anywhere.


The security system is integrated in the home, it’s activated by one button touch or when the home is put into Away mode and can be controlled from anywhere.

Audio Video Systems

Centralized equipment for the Theater and whole house audio and control system and local control from remotes in the Great Room and Master Bedroom.

Climate Control

4 zones of climate control have been integrated into the automation system so the house is never left cool in the desert summer heat when the customer is away and they can cool it down before they arrive.

y always know if the temperature gets to high for their wine collection.

Lighitng Controls

Over 60 lighting controls have been installed around the home that controls every light in the house including all the landscape lights and accent lighting.

Home Theater

This Media Room is outfitted with top of the line equipment including a concealed stewart filmscreen that drops out of the ceiling and a marantz projector on a lift that also conceals into the ceiling when it’s not being used so the room can function like a den when it’s not movie time. A 10″ Wireless touchpanel makes everything easy to use.


Integrated Apple network throughout the home.