Ancala Residence

This Scottsdale golf course home has entertainment everywhere, from the parlor to the state of the art Cinema Room. This hollywood agent wanted the latest greatest technology, an environment fit to entertain the masses and extremely effortless control of the system.

Single button interactions can trigger rooms to light up and media to turn and and single buttons presses to turn things off. The system needed to be easy not only for the owners to use but for any of their guests that come stay at the home when the owners are away.

Home Theater

The home features a state of the art screening room designed for someone in the film industry. It has three levels of 4 custom designed theater chairs, a 120’ viewable Stewart Filmscreen, 7.1 surround sound and A Sony 1080p Projector. There is also a Three button keypad right when you walk in that will turn the room on for a movie, TV or OFF with one tap.

Audio Video Systems

Centralized control of the Theater, Den, Kitchen and Master Bedroom equipment. Den features 5.1 surround sound and 50″ built in Plasma, Kitchen has a 42″ plasma Built in also. 5.1 Surround Sound in the Master Bedroom and 50″ Plasma built in over the fireplace. 4 Zones of multi-room audio with keypads, system remotes and iPads to control everything in the house.

Climate Control

2 Zones of Climate Controlled for the ultimate in convenience for the part time owner to always know the house is cool when they want it and not when they are away.

Lighting Controls

Over 20 different zones of lighting control around the house create dramatic lighting scenes with the touch of one button, or in some cases no button like when you pause the Theater an automatic increase of the lights by 20% so you don’t need to fumble for lights in the Dark.